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BIOL-0285-Pathophysiology, Dr. Brown

Welcome to BIOL 285 Dr. Brown


This guide will provide you with links to academic materials for you during Pathophysiology. Links to the KCKCC Library catalog, Science and Math Center, and both print and video databases can be found here. Remember, Wikipedia and support group websites are not academic resources. The library also provides online live chat during the hours they are open to assist you with research questions from off campus.

Learner Outcomes


The student will be able to:

A.  Explain cellular pathology.

B.  Describe the processes of inflammation and wound healing.

C.  Explain normal and abnormal immune functions.

D.  Relate neoplasia to normal cell growth and pathology.

E.  Define and describe developmental and genetic disorders.

F.  Explain hemostasis and hemodynamic disorders.

G.  Explain pathologies of various organ systems.