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RSCR 299 Final Project Seminar Jones

RSCR 299 Final Project Seminar Tammie Jones

Students prepare and present case studies in this course. A cardiopulmonary disease or topic is researched.  Patient assessments are performed related to the disease or topic. A presentation of the research and patient assessments is prepared and presented. A variety of instructional methods may be used depending on content area.  These include but are not limited to: lecture, multimedia, cooperative/collaborative learning, labs and demonstrations, projects and presentations, speeches, debates, and panels, conferencing, learning experiences, and performances outside the classroom.  Methodology will be selected to best meet student needs.

Course Outline

I.     The Function of Case Studies

II.    Case Study Design

III.   Data Collection, Analysis, Interpretation and application

IV.   Scientific method

V.    Clinical investigation

VI. Care Plan Assessments

VII. Care Plan Recommendations

VIII.   Affective presentation