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American Government-Harmon HS

How do I...

  1. Click on the "Reserve a Space" on the left-hand navigation.
  2. Make sure you are on the correct date then simply use the mouse to click on the appropriate space and time you want the reservation to begin. The date/timespace will pop up below.  
  3. The bars will turn red/yellow and a description will appear below the grid with a drop-down menu box to select the “end time” for the reservation. Select the correct time and then click the blue "Submit Times" button. 
    1. Note study rooms will only allow booking of 2-hour increments. All spaces will default to a 1-hour reservation. If the space is needed for longer, you will need to change the time using the drop-down menu.
  4. A new page will display. This will again summarize the day/time/space of the reservation being made. There is an option to change it if the information is wrong. Enter the student/faculty/staff members’ information and college email. Click blue “Submit my booking” button. NOTE: Employees should use there "Employee ID Number" when asked for a "Student ID".
  5. A confirmation page will display. LibCal will immediately send a confirmation email with the reservation information, Room, Date, Time. That email will provide a hyperlink to cancel the reservation.



Below is a link to the Learning Commons Instructional Guide. This will give viewers quick instructions on how to change their password, print to a copier, or access Blackboard, along with other useful tips.

Searching in the Library Catalog

  1. Click on the Learning Commons under Quick Links.
  2. Click on Library Catalog.
  3. You will see the “KC-Towers” screen with a search function.
  4. Click on "Keyword" and choose which type of search you wish to use. (i.e. Keyword, Title, Author, etc.)
  5. Enter the information in the second text box and click "Submit."
  6. From the search results, choose a title to look at.
  7. Choose which item you wish to view. You will see films, books, streaming media, DVDs and eBooks.
    1. Use the Call # to find the book.
    2. If choosing Streaming Media, you will see a different format on the page.
  8. Click on the "Click to Open Video" link for Streaming Media.

Accessing Videos

  1. If on Campus you will see the video immediately. Just click play.
    1. If off Campus you will see the Link Resolver.
    2. If an employee, you will use your email address and College Password.
    3. If a student, use your student I.D. and College Password. Click Logon.

Accessing eBooks

  1. If accessing an eBook, you will see an option to open.
  2. Click on KCKCC Library users click here KCKCC.
    1. If on campus it will take you directly to the book.
    2. If off campus you will login using the same procedure as the above described for our Link resolver.

                                                             Blackboard logo

1. Go to the KCKCC website

2. Click the Quick Links button at the top-right corner of the page.

3. Select Blackboard

4. Login with your email address as your User ID, and use the password you had setup in WebAdvisor.

After enrolling in a course, you will have access to your Blackboard course on the first day of classes. 


                                             August calendar

The following guides can walk you through navigating specific parts of Blackboard. Simply click on the links below for how-to guides pertaining to Blackboard!

PDF Guides:                                                                                          compass

Interactive Guides:

textbooks in bag


1. Go to the KCKCC Bookstore webpage 

2. Hover your mouse over the Textbooks tab on the top left corner of the page.

3. Select Textbook Ordering.

4. Read the disclaimer and click the link, “I have read and understand the above statement.”

5. Provide the following information:

     a. Click the plus sign on the upper left to choose "Add Another Course."

     b. Click the blue drop-down arrow in the upper left-hand corner to choose the Term/Semester you are               enrolled in.

     c. In the Department box, select the department of the course you’re enrolled in. Refer to your class                schedule or enrollment and locate the four abbreviated letters for the department.

      d. In the Course and Section box, choose your course and section listed with your instructor’s name.

6. Repeat the above instructions to add further courses and instructors.

7. When all courses have been entered, click the blue arrow at the lower right-hand of the page, "View Your      Materials."

8. You can choose to purchase these books from the KCKCC Bookstore by clicking "Continue Checkout" or          choose "Print Book List" to have a reference list.

antique phone


For help over the phone for Blackboard assistance, contact the Online Education Services Helpdesk at

913-288-7479 Option #1.

Software Available

Office 365 logo

More information or help can be found here or follow the steps in this how-to video.

papercut logo

  1. Open a browser window, preferably Chrome.
  2. In a browser, go to
  3. Enter your Student ID and password and click "Log In"
  4. On the left-hand navigation, choose "Web Print"
  5. Click on the green button, "Submit a Job"
  6. Select the printer closest to you for example: “lares/LRNG_Comns_UPR”
  7. Click the green button, "Print Options and Account Settings"
  8. Enter the number of copies you want to print
  9. Click the green button, "Upload Documents"
  10. Click the green button, "Upload from Computer" or use the "Drag files here" option
  11. Click "Upload and Complete"
  12. The print job will go into the queue.


 To Determine Your Email Address
1.    FIRST Initial of your FIRST NAME 
2.    FIRST 4 letters of your LAST NAME
3.    LAST 4 DIGITS of your Student ID NUMBER
followed by
Example: Bruce Banner ID# 1234567

How to Find Your Student Drive 

1. Open the “File Explorer” folder

2. Click on the arrow beside “This PC”

3. Look for the "H" drive

4. Your student drive will be displayed with your Student ID number. The format for the drive will appear as \\Zephyr\Personal\123456789


Watch this helpful video for step-by-step instructions for saving a document to your student drive.

scanner icon


How to Scan Documents to a Thumb Drive                                                                           

  1. Place the document to be scanned on the glass or in the automatic feeder
  2. Insert thumb drive in slot on right side of copier 
  3. Login to the copier/printer with your email/password or your Student ID number
  4. Press the fax/scan button on copier screen    
  5. Select “save document to an external device”   
  6. Touch black box that contains “file name”  
  7. Clear “file name” box by pressing delete 
  8. Type your file name   
  9. Press “OK”
  10. Press Start
  11. When screen is clear remove document
  12. Remove thumb drive

If more than one page repeat steps 3 through 10

How to Scan a Document to Your Email

  1. Place the document to be scanned on the glass or in the automatic feeder
  2. Login to the copier/printer with your email/password or your Student ID number
  3. On the touch screen, select “Scan/Fast”
  4. On the left side of the screen, select “Direct Input”
  5. Select “Email”
  6. Enter your KCKCC Student email(only your KCKCC email will work)
  7. Push the “Start” button



Access to a Kansas State Library card offers more resources!


To obtain a state library card:

  1. Visit our Library Services Page
    1. Contact Library Services at


    1. Use our live chat feature to speak with someone that can help you!
  1. Answer a few quick questions and you'll be on your way with a new card in 10 minutes or less!
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