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American Government-Harmon HS

Thank you tutors!

To infinity and beyond... if we were counting the number of students our tutors have worked with over the years that's where we'd end up. Go ahead click on the + circle above, and leave a message on the message board above to show our tutors just how much they are appreciated!

Math & Science Center team

Shouting thank you to our Math & Science Center team.  If you are confused about why the alphabet is mixed in with your numbers, stop by and see anyone from this team, and before you know it those negative thoughts will pair up and become positive thoughts! Take a minute to click on the + sign above and leave a thank you note for the team, or that one tutor that didn't let you give up!

Writing Center Faculty Tutors

There are a million ways to thank our Writing Center tutors and a millions reasons why we should. Whether you are dealing with the perils of punctuation or the feeling of chaos when citing your sources, the Writing Center tutors are available in person, online, and even via email if you just need someone to read your paper and make suggestions. Just click on that plus sign above and let them know how much they are appreciated, and how much they helped you.

Learning Services is located on the lower level of the Learning Commons and is home to free Individual Content Area Tutoring (CAT), the Digital Access Studio, Math and Science Center, and Writing Center. Services are available in person at all KCKCC campus locations and online. Learning Services also provides Student Athlete Academic Support through customized training sessions and study hall. The mission of Learning Services is to design academic programming and learning environments that cultivate a community of engaged learners.


Program Objectives

The program objectives are:

  • To identify, recruit and retain qualified tutors.
  • To provide course content tutoring, as requested.
  • To provide a comprehensive tutor training program.
  • To successfully match qualified tutors with tutees.

Our Standards

Learning Services is guided by the most current and rigorous academic tutoring training standards in the academic industry. We

  1. Identify and recruit quality tutors based on faculty recommendation, academic potential, and self-defined professional goals.

  1. Implement a rigorous, individualized training approach with proven outcomes of scholastic aptitude and confident practice.

  1. Retain and support tutors as academic individuals with opportunities for advancement in the form of mentoring, interning, and professional development in academic and professional areas of interest.

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