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American Government-Harmon HS

        American Government at Harmon High School with Dr. Unoke


Welcome to POSC-0111, American Government with Dr. Unoke. This class will cover 5 core objectives:

  1. The American System

a.       By studying political democratic theory and its influence in creating the U.S. Republic

b.      By learning about the main ideas found in the U.S. Constitution

c.       By learning about the theory of federalism

  1. Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
  1. By examining civil liberties and civil rights both in historical and contemporary applications
  1. Political Processes
  1. By learning about public opinion and political socialization
  2. By learning about interest groups and political parties
  3. By learning about the campaigns, nominations, and elections and their links to the media and cyber politics
  1. Political Institutions
  1. By learning about the major political institutions in the U.S. society such as; the Congress, the Presidency, the Bureaucracy, and the Courts
  1. Public Policy
  1. By learning about the processes involved in the formulation and implementation of domestic, economic, and foreign policy of the United States.