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Voter Education

Vote 2022

Who's up for election?

The 2022 Midterm and General elections take place on November 8, 2022. Visit Ballotpedia to find out information about national, state, and local candidates from all parties.


Offices on the ballot include United States Senator, United States House of Representatives, Governor, state senators, state representatives, judges, and various state, county, township, and city offices.

There will also be 2 constitutional amendments on your ballot. If passed, these amendments would:

 1. increase the power of the Kansas Legislature by providing the legislature with oversight of state executive branch agencies and officials; in other words, allowing them to overturn any executive agency decision with just a majority vote.

2. preserve the right of citizens of each county that elected a county sheriff as of January 11, 2022, to continue electing the county sheriff, and move the authority to initiate the recall of sheriffs from local District Attorneys to the state Attorney General.

Information and analysis about these amendments from:


The Kansas Secretary of State's office

The Voter Network