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Voter Education

How Citizens Can Get Involved

Get Involved


There are many ways that you can work for change, both as a student and as a political citizen. Just by reading through this research guide, you are already making a difference in becoming an informed voter! The following is a list of things that you can do to help make a difference, no matter your political alignment. 

  1. VOTE! - The easiest thing you can do to make a difference is to vote! The upcoming 2022 Midterm/General Election gives you the chance to vote for representatives that make the most impact on your day-to-day life, so it's important to have a say in who is making those decisions. Use the resources listed on this guide to help you become an informed voter and to find out how to cast your ballot.
  2. Find an Organization - Students can get involved by joining an organization or club on campus that aligns with their ideologies. KCKCC has a list of clubs and organizations on their webpage that are free for students to join! Information on meeting times/days, contact information, and descriptions about what each club does is provided. Student Activities hosts a club bash each semester during back-to-school week.
  3. Contact Your Legislator(s) – Call, text, or email them to express your position about issues. It is acceptable to contact them more than once. Find your Kansas representatives in the U.S. Congress and Kansas representatives in the Kansas Legislature.
  4. Make Your Voice Heard - It is important that your representatives hear from you, and that they know where you stand on key issues. Make sure that they know that their vote on the issue will influence your future vote(s) for/against their candidacy. Most elected officials hear infrequently from their constituents. When they do hear several times about an issue, it influences their decision to act.
  5. Join Young Democrats or Young Republicans.
  6. Join local and state political organizations such as Wyandotte County Democrats, Leavenworth County Republicans, and Kansas Libertarian Party.
  7. Organize a Voter Registration Drive. Guide to Voter Registration Drives in Kansas
  8. Sign Petitions - When you see petitioners gathering signatures, stop and inquire. If you agree with the petition, add your name to the list. Do more by volunteering to distribute petitions to gather more signatures.
  9. Consider starting your own petition through or click here
  10. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper (Kansas City Star, Leavenworth Times, etc.).
  11. Volunteer - There are many volunteer opportunities that you can find online that provide ways to get active in your community. VolunteerMatch offers individuals volunteer opportunities for different causes with thousands of organizations across the country.
  12. Volunteer for a campaign – support your candidates. Send emails, postcards, texts, letters, make phone calls, deliver and host yard signs, canvas, and contribute funds.
  13. Volunteer on Election Day by becoming a poll worker or poll observer. Find out how by contacting your county election office.
  14. Become a PC (Precinct Committee Person) - Register voters, talk to other voters in your precinct to strategize and answer questions, and organize/mobilize party members to ensure they commit to voting (in both midterms and general elections), as well as campaign for party candidates in your precinct. Note: you will only contact voters in your party. Find out more information by contacting your county election office.
  15. Attend Your Local City Council Meetings.
  16. Attend Your County Commission Meetings.
  17. Attend public forums and town halls hosted by your representatives.
  18. Host or attend a Debate Watch.

 From the League of Women Voters

 From the Commission on Presidential Debates

  1. Become an activist.
  2. Run for local office openings (City Council, School Board, etc.) – Information can be found on your city’s website.
  3. Run for a county office (Commissioner, Water Board, etc.) – Information can be found on your county’s website.
  4. Run for office (State or Federal) – Information can be found by visiting the Kansas Secretary of State website or your state’s website.