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What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service that expands the reach of the library by enabling the Library to borrow materials from over 10,000 libraries throughout the United States and Canada. The Library is connected electronically to the collections of all of these libraries. The ILL staff is able to send borrower requests to locations owning the materials.

Who is eligible to use the service?

Any current student, faculty, or staff member with a valid library card may request either books or periodical articles through the ILL department. Community users will be referred to the local public library.

Submit an ILL request

Click here to submit an interlibrary loan request

Click to submit an ILL request.

ILL Policy

Interlibrary loan (ILL) will not be used to borrow books which are required reading, textbooks for college courses, owned by KCKCC Library, or to borrow books which instructors wish to place on reserve.          

  • ILL requests will not be accepted over the telephone. We accept requests via our online ILL request form.
  • Students may have only 2 active interlibrary loan items out at any time.  New requests will not be processed until active items are returned.
  • No requests from students will be accepted within 30 days of the end of the semester due to the length of time it takes to receive them.           
  • All items borrowed for students will be due no later than the last day of classes each semester.  Interlibrary loan items may not be kept over the breaks.
  • Items borrowed for students may not be renewed.
  • The KCKCC Library will not accept requests for audiovisual materials.
  • Students with borrowed items over 10 days late will automatically have holds placed on their administrative records prohibiting enrollment, getting grades, and ordering transcripts, until the items are returned.  All library privileges are suspended until items are returned.
  • For faculty and staff who have items over 10 days late, the appropriate Dean or Director will be notified.  All library privileges are suspended until all items are returned.
  • As mandated by U.S. Copyright Law, it is illegal to request more than one article from the same issue of a journal.  Libraries may provide one article, per issue, per patron without requesting copyright permission.  Borrowing library may receive copies of up to five articles from a single periodical title (as opposed to a single issue) per calendar year
  • All ILL items must be picked up in person at KCKCC Library, TEC library, or the main office of Pioneer. 
  • We borrow only from those libraries that do not charge for loaning items. 
  • If the item is lost, the borrower is required to pay the replacement costs which are determined by the lending library, not KCKCC.