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Summer Math Workshop

Welcome to the Math & Science Center! The Math & Science Center (MSC) provides tutoring and academic support for Math, Science, and Accounting/Finance courses. Tutoring is available virtually and face-to-face. For more tutoring information, please see the information below.

We are located on the first floor of the Learning Commons Building. Students are encouraged to check out the resources and information available here or visit the Learning Commons.

Every effort is made to provide tutoring support for math and science courses, and more recently accounting courses. We rely on both faculty and currently enrolled students to provide tutoring services.  


Join the MSC team

We are always accepting applications for peer tutors in a wide array of courses. We especially need peer tutors for the sciences. If you are interested in being a peer tutor, apply here.

If you are an adjunct and are interested in tutoring, please email Sarah Cole to express you interest.  Please include the subject area(s) you are interested in tutoring.  Sarah Cole is the Tutoring Coordinator for the Math and & Science Center.


Request a Class Visit

Faculty members can request a class visit from the Learning Services team by using the following request form.  A member of the Learning Services team will reach out to confirm the day and time. During the class visit, an overview of all services will be provided. Click here to request a visit.

Tutoring Services

We offer walk-in tutoring for all math courses. No appointment required. We have at least two tutors at any given time. During the late afternoon/evening hours we tend to have at least three tutors.

Science and Business tutoring hours and availability are limited. The hours and courses are listed on the left side of the screen.

If we do not have any availability listed for your course, you can make a tutoring request. If we have a tutor on hand, you will be contacted by someone with information on how to connect with the tutor. If we do not have a tutor on hand, we will attempt to find a peer tutor. Please know that this can take some time and it is possible we may not be able to find anyone. A member of the Learning Services Team will reach out with information about the process and provide other means of obtaining support while we try to find someone. If you do not receive a response within 2 days, please send an email to to confirm request was received.

Students are encouraged to request tutors at the beginning of the semester. Tutor requests will not be accepted after week 12 of the semester. Note: Spring break and Thanksgiving break are not counted as semester weeks since classes are not in session those weeks.

Virtual tutoring hours will vary. Please check regularly for updated hours.

Virtual Tutoring:

Virtual Tutoring is available by appointment. Students can schedule up to 2 hours per day with a tutor. To schedule 2 hours, you will need to book two appointments.

You can schedule virtual tutoring here.

The Booking page will have you first select the class you are scheduling for, then select a day and time and provide name and email. You may be asked additional questions.

When you schedule your appointment, the Zoom ID will be provided in the confirmation email. If you do not receive a Zoom link, please call (913) 288 – 7575 and ask to speak with the assigned tutor or email the assigned tutor to get the Zoom link.

If you cannot get an appointment scheduled, please email Sarah Cole with your course information and when you would like to schedule a session.


We look forward to working with you and supporting you on your academic journey.

How does virtual Tutoring Work?

Virtual tutoring is hosted over Zoom. Tutors try extremely hard to make virtual tutoring a success and feel like face-to-face tutoring. Tutors have access to a host of resources and technology to support you. If you are working solely from a physical or online textbook, we may request information about your course materials so that we may be better prepared for the session.

Students may be asked to screen share, to allow annotation, to use a digital whiteboard, or to give access to a computer application*. The chat feature may also be used to share documents and materials or communicate.

*This is most often requested when students are struggling with using a new application, such as Excel. We only request when necessary and use it to demonstrate features or to problem solve an issue with an application.

What do I need to get the most out of Virtual Tutoring?

  1. Come prepared
    1. Have questions in mind
    2. Be signed into your learning platforms (Blackboard, MyLab, Connect, Webassign)
    3. Have a distraction free environment
  2. Technology
    1.   Webcam/camera (not required, but it is nice to see student faces)
    2. Microphone
    3. Ability to run Zoom on device (Zoom System Requirements)

To get the most out of virtual tutoring, it is recommended that students  download Zoom  to their computers, rather than join from the browser. Joining from the browser has limitations that may result in less efficient tutoring.   

If you want to utilize virtual tutoring, but don’t have the resources, please reach out to to inquire about accessing materials for virtual tutoring. Students are also welcomed to utilize virtual tutoring from the study rooms in the Learning Commons. Study rooms are first come first serve, so reserving a study room is advised. Reserve a Study Space


New to Zoom or want a refresher?

What can students expect in a tutoring session?

Tutors will...

  • Be supportive and professional
  • Work WITH you but not FOR you
  • Ask questions and encourage critical thinking with the focus on procedures and content knowledge, not on answers.
  • Offer a positive attitude and be respectful of your diverse perspective and learning style
  • Provide helpful suggestions to foster independent learning, which may include you working example problems or additional problems, watching videos, or reading text.

What do tutors expect of students?

Tutors expect that you will…

  • Come prepared with all necessary materials (i.e. class notes, assignment guidelines, textbooks, calculator, worked homework problems,..etc.)
  • Be an active participant in the tutoring session and keep an open mind.
  • Be as specific as possible about what you are hoping to achieve in the tutoring session. Having specific questions formulated is extremely helpful.
  • Ask questions and listen to suggestions/constructive feedback. A tutor’s goal is to help you become more independent, which means helping you to learn how to learn and utilize various resources.
  • Do your homework on your own. We will not give answers.
  • Be patient and considerate.

Check back soon for information

Helpful Websites

Khan Academy
Math Stack Exchange
Wolfram Alpha
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