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One Building, Unlimited Resources

So why are there different learning spaces?

Each learning space in the Commons has been identified according to David Thornburg’s model of learning spaces. The pedagogy behind each of the spaces as well as visual cues identifying the type of space, expectations of noise levels. To read more about learning spaces, visit The Library and Center for Teaching Excellence also have digital and physical copies of From the Campfire to the Holodeck, authored by Mr. Thornburg which can be found here.

Learning Spaces

cave icon


The Learning Commons has three study rooms that may be reserved in 2 hour blocks. The rooms have glass boards, computer with TV monitor, and a wireless keyboard. Reservations are limited to current KCKCC students, faculty, and staff. Click here to reserve


campfire icon


The Camp Fire learning space contains a glass board, computer with TV monitor, and wireless keyboard. This space can be used for instruction, student clubs, and larger study groups. Click here to reserve

watering hole icon

Watering Hole

This is a gathering space for discussion and collaboration, like study rooms. Click Here to Reserve


life icon


These are active, hands-on learning spaces such as the Digital Access Studio or the One-Button Studio. Click here to reserve 


holodeck icon


The Active Learning Classroom is a multidisciplinary classroom with the components of cave, campfire, waterhole, and life. Click here to reserve


Noise Levels

The Learning Commons has adopted a noise level policy to ensure that a variety of learning styles can be accommodated. Areas that are represented by the Active Learning icon active learning noise icon indicate that conversations are expected. Active Learning spaces can be found on the lower level as well as the Active Learning Classroom on the upper level. Considerate Study icons considerate study icon are in designated spaces where lower conversations may occur, such as on the upper level of the Learning Commons throughout the Library. Quiet Study noise icons quiet study icons are in Cave learning spaces where students can study in silence. Students are asked to use cell phones in designated spaces only. mobile friendly icon

Computer Access

The Learning Commons has 20 computer stations on the lower level, 16 stations on the upper level, and 24 laptops available for use in the facility. Laptops may be checked out in the Library, upper level, Learning Commons. Free printing, copying, and scanning is available.

Printing & Copying Policy

Our machines are to be used for academic work at KCKCC. Individuals that need to make copies for personal, business, and community purposes will be directed to use the pay-per-copy machine located in the Jewell building. Please practice considerate printing as our machines each support an entire floor. Our staff reserves the right to cancel your print job and provide an alternative solution.