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One Building, Unlimited Resources

We have a learning space for everyone!

The Active Learning Classroom is located on the upper level of the Learning Commons. This space seats up to 24 students. It has a variety of seating styles along with mobile furniture allowing individual, small group and whole class activities. If you would like to reserve this room, click here.


This is a multidisciplinary classroom with the components of cave, campfire, waterhole, and life. For more information on these types of learning spaces click here.

holodeck learning space icon

Noise inside this learning space may be elevated depending on the type of activity in the classroom.

 noise indicator

study room


The Learning Commons has three study rooms that may be reserved in 2 hour blocks. The rooms have glass boards, computer with TV monitor, and a wireless keyboard. Reservations are limited to current KCKCC students, faculty, and staff.  These rooms are designed for individual or small group study sessions and can be reserved here.

watering hole icon                 Multiple purposes, one space!              cave icon


Study rooms fall into both the watering hole and the cave learning spaces. If studying in a small group study rooms are a watering hole. If studying in them alone they function as a cave to provide a quiet study space.

study room


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All volume levels are acceptable in the study rooms!

campfire space

The Camp Fire learning space contains a glass board, computer with TV monitor, and wireless keyboard. This space can be used for instruction, student clubs, and larger study groups. You can reserve this space here.

campfire logo     The campfire space accommodates louder volumes.  noise level icon