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Hiring Process

Once an application is submitted for one of our Peer Tutor positions, our department will contact you to schedule an interview. If all positions are filled, your application will be kept on file.

Candidates that complete a successful interview, will attend New Employee Orientation (NEO) to get acclimated to department procedures, take Title IX and FERPA training, tour our facility, and obtain a KCKCC Student Worker Student ID.

The next step is HIVE, our student employee onboarding program. This collaborative training acclimates students to our culture and general operations. The name itself was created by peer tutors in 2017. The acronym stands for Holistic, Insightful, Visionary, Expertise. Once candidates have completed NEO and HIVE, they will be scheduled to receive ongoing training in their area of employment. 

Learning Services is a Certified Learning Center recognized by the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA). Our rigorous training program helps tutors to build upon existing skills with guided mentorship, peer collaboration, and faculty led workshops. Tutors are paid to attend training.

For questions regarding the application process please email or call 913.288.7575.